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About us

Hi, We’re Builder Team

Feature construction is an ambitious and passionate startup established in 2015. The firm is led by Mr. A.Purusoth who has over 15 years of experience in the construction industry. 


He has been at the helm of some of the landmark Realty projects handling challenging assignments for companies like Jain Housing, Prestige, L&T Realty and Leighton India Contractors.

Since 2015, Feature construction has taken up challenging projects in diverse areas
1. Residential Projects: Completed 15 projects; 3 projects in progress.
2. Renovations and Fitouts: Completed 16 projects and various services projects based on client requirement

3. Interior Projets: Successfully completed over 7000Sft of Interiors for various projects in Bangalore
4. Commercial Projects:

Successfully Completed  2,300 sft of Office Interiors for ACO Projects within a stringent timeline of 30 days

Successfully handed over 80,000 Sft of civil hard finishes for Kingfisher Towers Bangalore

Fast-Track completion of Over 22,000 Sft of Masonry and Plastering work at Hyderabad Metro station

Completion of over 2.5 Lakh sft of Plastering/POP Punning at Lulu Hyatt Project-Kochi

At Feature Constructions, we work out every detail with utmost care. We have skilled labour in Civil, Carpentry, Masonry,  Finishes, Electrical and Plumbing as well as experienced consultants and technical advisor for Architecture, Designing, Structural Engineering, and Implementation.

What We’re Offering

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Building Bridges


Mechanical Solutions


Petroleum and Gas


Industry Construction


Road and Highways


Chemical Research

Why Chose us

Best Quality

Quality consciousness is a culture that is imbibed in our company. This is in fact a habit cultivated with sheer dedication and a continuous improvement process. Our team is led by Engineers who have excelled incorporates for their quality standards and the in-house workforce are trained to deliver the right job every time without rework or revisit.

100% Adherence to Standards 

The construction industry is vastly driven by Semiskilled workforce, It is in this background that we take pride in our Professional knowledge of Building codes and Construction standards. Our in house Architects and Structural Consultant set the best benchmark in the industry and we always ensure 100% STRUCTURAL CLEARANCE AND BUILDING CODE ADHERENCE.

Affordable & Transparent Pricing 

Integrity is our core company value.  Our contract with the client will provide clear cost breakup and we stick to these obligation at all times. TRANSPARENCY & AFFORDABILITY is our core strength.

On-Time Every time 

TIME IS MONEY.  This is true for us as a Construction engineer as well as the client. We take pride that all our projects will be handed over on time. This involves meticulous resource planning and construction methods, we are adept at meeting this challenge under all circumstances.

Our Vision

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Our Mission

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our team

Meet Our Leaders

Leslie Alexander


Cameron Williamson

Founder & COO

Johnathan Tyler

Founder & Chief Testing Officer

Join Our Team

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