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Total Construction Increase in January

January 12, 2022

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

We suggest to go with the good RMC mix. I have done work with both the ways. What i feel is there are huge advantages with RMC.

1. A good RMC company gives u a better quality with accurate mix of the products. Water mixing also plays an important role and with RMC you can get sure with the mixed mortar. At site the contractor mixes it accordingly with his experience.

2. RMC saves a lot of time as it is a very fast and easy process.

3. Productivity - The work finishes very fastly and you can achieve targets by time.

4. Mixing at site requires a bunch of extra labour as compared with RMC

5. Mixing material at site occupies a lot of space and you have to procure all the materials in right quantity. The raw material shouldn't fall short otherwise the work will not get complete on time and delays it to next day.

6. If u calculate both the cost including the extra labour required and time you lost, you will find RMC cheaper.

7. RMC mixes chemicals which helps to set the mortar quickly and gives a good bonding strength.

8. consumption of cement is reduced up to 30% more when compared to normal mix

9. RMC plants adopt bulk usage of cement, where in the site mix bags are used; bulk usage of concrete saves some cement which is lost as dust in site

10. Today’s ready mix providers provide more concrete pumps for reasonable costs; some of them provide them for free ,it reduces labor charges and saves time in carrying the concrete from ground level to higher levels

So, we personally feel it is good to go with RMC rather than mixing the material at site.

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