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Total Construction Increase in January

January 12, 2022

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

  1. Detailed Structural Analysis as per IS codes and Standards from a reputed Structural Consultant.

  2. Unique Elevation from an experienced Architect.

  3. Incorporation of sustainable building materials and the highest quality of construction materials with 100% adherence to quality standards.

  4. Complete supervision and responsibility of our qualified engineer throughout the project including a periodic visit from consultants for quality check.

  5. Engaging experienced labor whose quality of workmanship will be the best in the industry

  6. Fast-track project completion- Target for completion shall be 8 months for total handover.

Structural Analysis

  1. Every building is unique and behave structurally with various factors. so getting the structural analysis based on the soil bearing capacity (SBC) and load calculations are important.

  2. We Stick to 100% working drawings while implementing it at site.

  3. Frequent visit from the consultants to ensure the quality checks.

Architectural Design

  1. Our architects are experienced and practical while designing the building.

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Multi Storey Building
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