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January 12, 2022

Vastu Directions :

The orientation of a building is important to save energy and to build a better house design, which would be comfortable for living simultaneously gives positive energy, good health, prosperity and wealth to the occupants.

A living place and its direction have a correlation between the rotational scenarios of the planets with respect to the north.

There are total eight directions North, South, East, and West are called cardinal directions and the point where any of the two directions meet is called intercardinal or ordinal point like NE, SE, SW, NW. These directions are given a lot of importance in Vastu Shastra as they combine the benefits of two directions in totality.

Our Shastra says if we worship, idolize and honor the Lord of these eight directions, people yield eternal blessings in the form of success, health, and prosperity. We will now examine their importance according to scriptures.


  1. East: This direction is governed by lord Indra and he is known to be the king of Gods. He bestows wealth and pleasures of life.

  2. South East: This direction is governed by lord of fire- Agni. He gives us a good personality and all the good things in life. Fire is a source of health as it is related to fire, cooking, and food.

  3. South: This direction is of Yama, the god of death. He is a manifestation of dharma, and eradicates evil forces and bestows good things. It is a source of wealth, crops and pleasure.

  4. South West: This direction is directed by Niruti, the god who protects us from evil foes. It is a source of character, demeanor, case of longevity and death.

  5. West: This direction is directed by Lord Varun, the lord of rains. He bestows his blessings in the form of natural water-rain, brings prosperity and pleasures of life.

  6. North West: This place is directed by lord Vayu and he brings on our good health, strength and long life. It is a source of change in the course of business, friendship, and enmity.

  7. North: This direction is governed by Kuber, the god of wealth.

  8. North East: This place is supervised by lord Eeshaan, and is a source of wealth, health and success. He brings us wisdom, knowledge and relieves us from all miseries and mishaps.

Elements of Vastu Shastra:

Vastu is a science of direction that combines the five elements of nature and cosmos, ultimately balancing with a man and the material. This mysterious science unifying the five elements called ‘Panchbhootas’- earth, fire, water, sky and space and paving a way for enlightenment, happiness, and prosperity

Five elements

Earth is a third planet among the nine planets and the only place where life exists due to the presence of panchbhootas. Sun, air, and space are universally available and can be molded in accordance with human needs by the act of design.

Earth: The first and foremost element of nature which exerts maximum energy. It is necessary to consult the land you are purchasing, as plot’s soil, area everything matters in Vastu. The selection of the site is considered very important in the Vastu element. A detailed inspection of soil, plot, site, shape, and size has to be done before commencing the construction.

Water: Water is present on earth in the form of rain, ocean, sea, and rivers. It is the second foremost element considered in Vastu. Vastu provides proper directions for the placement of water sources. Water is an element of the north-east. The water bodies such as swimming pool and aquarium etc need to be made in north-east, this direction is auspicious and suitable for water

Fire: Fire (Agni) is considered as an element of the south-east. In a house kitchen, fire or electrical gadgets shall be placed in the south-east. Light is the essence of life, and the sun is the natural light giver. Fire is the basis of all sources of energy including thermal power and atomic power. There should be proper ventilation for sunlight being a necessary and natural source of light for human beings.

Air: Air (Vayu) is a necessary thing for all of us living on this earth. Vastu air is another important element that is considered before applying it. Air is an element of the north-east. Air consists of various gases on earth like oxygen, nitrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, etc. A balanced percentage of different gases, atmospheric pressure, and humidity level is important for living beings on this earth. There are important directions for windows and doors in Vastu so as to receive a good amount of air.

Space: Sky is never-ending and our space is full of constellations, galaxies, stars, moon, sun, and all the nine planets. It is also called a universe which is known as ‘Brahamand’- the place of God. Space has a very important place in our lives and Vastu gives different directions for better space. Indian houses used to have open space in the center of the house. Akash is a brahmasthan which should be an open place.

Importance suggestions for Vastu home

Entrance: 1. An entrance doorway in the north or north-east direction tends to bring in positivity into the house. This orientation accelerates growth and well-being amongst dwellers, inducing prosperity and affirmative richness.

2. A well-illuminated entrance, whether naturally or artificially, ensures a feeling of positivity within a household. Ample light can be achieved by the structural inclusion of a window next to the entryway.

3. A clean, well-dusted and clutter-free entrance helps attract positivity within a home.

Kitchen: 1. According to Vastu Shastra, the southeast direction is ideal for the kitchen, since the lord of fire (Agni) prevails in this direction. Alternatively, the north-west direction is also an acceptable position, 2. All cooking appliances representing fire, such as gas stoves, ovens, toasters, microwaves, and cylinders must be placed in the south-east area of the kitchen. 3. Since fire and water are opposing elements, cooking appliances such as a gas cylinder or oven should never be placed parallel to, or on the same platform as the washbasin.

Living Room: 1. According to Vastu Shastra, heavy furniture such as sofa sets must be placed in the west or south-west direction of the living room. Also, electronic devices such as the television should be installed on the south-east side of the living area. 2. A calming color palette helps render living spaces with positive energy. For the living room, consider lighter shades such as soft pink, cream, beige and white. And, to contrast, the soft shades, choose bold colors like turquoise, bright pink or gold for the furnishings. 3. In order to stop the negative flow of energy in the living room, remove all art that depicts pain, sadness or sorrow. Additionally, any broken products such as photo frames or mirrors, and devices which no longer work should be instantly removed to prevent bad luck.

Bedrooms: 1. According to the Vastu expert, one should never sleep with their head pointing towards the north. 2. Light colors generate a calm and soothing environment for relaxation after a draining day at work. Avoid filling your room with geometrical designs, dark-colored fabrics or other busy designs that lead to congestion or cluttering.

3. You spend many passive hours sleeping, so your head should be towards the east or south. Sleeping with head towards the north brings illness to the person.

4. It is crucial that there should not be a toilet above the bedroom. This can cause illness in the house.

5. Avoid sleeping under the overhead beam. Also, avoid keeping the temple or study desk below a beam.

Bathrooms: 1. The north-west section of the house is where all the ‘waste’ goes—an ideal position for the bathroom. Both the shower and washbasin must be placed in the east, north or north-east direction. 2. The bathroom must always be equipped with a wooden door rather than a metal one. The latter material often has an adverse effect on health, and hence invites negativity. Also, this space should be bathed in natural tones such as brown, beige and cream. 3. Ventilation is a very important feature under Vastu for the bathroom. Following the principles, the bathroom window and exhaust fan should always be directed towards the north-east, facilitating the flow of an adequate supply of both air and sunlight.

Residential property designed with respect to Vastu parameters is always a house of positive energy force keeping its occupants in great physical fitness, as well as growth and prosperity in their chosen endeavor. Consult a reputable Vastu expert for availing comprehensive benefits of Vastu science for your residential Spaces.

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