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Total Construction Increase in January

January 12, 2022

While designing architects and engineers prefer to choose southeast direction ...if the southeast direction is not possible the second-best direction is to face northwest according to Vastu.

But most people prefer to place their stove/ cooktop facing the east side. But why do we always have to face east while cooking? Is that a rule? Then the answer is no. Actually we should first know why that practice came into. its because when we are facing the east side we have two main advantages

1. While cooking there is a chance for the sunlight to enter which will sterilize the kitchen area.

2. In the mornings the air will be less dense outside the house and highly dense inside the house so that naturally the smoke will go away from the house through the windows.

But that is not possible at many houses due to the restrained lifestyle in cities as we are surrounded by buildings everywhere. In these cases we have to choose the direction which has proper sunlight and ventilation so that we can avoid using electric lamps and light in the daytime. Also ensuring the size of the kitchen is spacious enough and ensuring adequate plug points for electrical equipment is done.

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